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Hours for GameStorm 2015

BenBois-ClockGameStorm begins March 19th, a Thursday, at noon. The convention will then shut down at 6PM Sunday, the 22nd.

Game Library will be open 24 hours.

Please check this space often for updates on when individual departments will be operating. If you’re reading this in the news feed, a link will also be appearing under the Attend menu.

A Note from the Chair, GameStorm 17

Some questions have been coming up, so I thought I would post a note:

Why are you out of rooms Thursday night?

Two reasons.

1) We are sharing the space on Thursday with another group.

2) We have more people coming to GameStorm! Even without sharing the space, we’d be getting pretty tight on rooms.

Why is Boardgaming going to be in the Garage?

Again, two reasons.

1) We are sharing the space at the hotel with another group on Thursday and needed to rearrange. Rather than give our members a substandard and cramped event on Thursday, we decided to shift things around.

2) This will solve many of the issues of overcrowding on Friday and Saturday! The garage will easily hold all of Boardgaming, Children’s Events, Miniatures, even the Game Lab!

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Thanks for the great GameDay! Announcing Shirt and Travel Mug Pre-Orders!

frontThanks for coming out to the Winter Game Day! Now, how about those lovely items pictured here? These are now available to pre-order. Act quickly as we’ll be stopping the pre-order sales as of February 16th. To get yours just click here and scroll down a bit or click an image.


* Update:  Mugs will are unavailable due to production issues.


Welcome to the new improved GameStorm website.  We’re still settling in so be sure to let us know if you find something that isn’t working quite right.

New User Registrations

The website has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.  Unfortunately we were unable to migrate user account information from the previous site.  Measures are in place to help make sure we won’t run into this problem again though and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.