Who are Andy and Kristin Looney?

These two are the founders of Looney Labs!

Andrew Looney
Chief Designer

Andy is the Chief Creative Officer for Looney Labs, and is the designer of numerous games including Fluxx, Chrononauts, Aquarius, Just Desserts, and the Looney Pyramids game system. Andy is also a writer, a photographer, a cartoonist, a blogger, and a marijuana-legalization advocate. Andy lives with his wife Kristin (and their hous elf Laurie) somewhere near Washington DC. He’s a Hippie, a Trekkie, and a Geek. He’s been an Eagle Scout and a NASA engineer, he’s gotten patents and won awards, he’s written a novel, he designed and coded a videogame, and he once watched as his software was launched into space. Andy loves cake.



Kristin Looney
Business Czar

Kristin spent her first 15 years after college working as an Electronics Engineer at NASA and an IT Manager in the aerospace industry – while running a little part-time game business on the side in her spare time. In early 1999 she jumped off the cliff, leaving her day job behind to work full-time running and growing Looney Labs.The games of Looney Labs are available worldwide, in large part due to Kristin’s business and marketing savvy. Kristin fosters the large community of fans known as “Looney Labs Game Technicians” who are spreading the word of Looney Labs far and wide. Kristin’s earliest claim to fame came at age 16 when she solved a Rubik’s Cube in 35.50 seconds on That’s Incredible, and her enthusiasm for puzzles and games is still going strong.

What about this Matt Hyra?

Born in the great city of Sacramento, Matt Hyra has been designing games for what some would describe as an eternity. Matt first broke into the industry at Wizards of the Coast working on the Pokemon Trading Card Game and various rules teams. He eventually took his talents to Upper Deck where he worked on games such as Vs. System and he was the R&D lead for the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game.

Matt currently works at Cryptozoic Entertainment where he is the oldest surviving member of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game R&D team. Matt spends every day designing and developing new games. He enjoys the challenge of designing a game for a particular target market, price point, or component list. He is well know for writing very easy to follow rulebooks.

Some of his designs have been converted to iOS games, where he often does a lot of behind the scenes work to add more activity to the single-player experience, including campaigns vs the AI. Matt is a movie (and movie trivia) buff, World War II buff, and enjoys a lot of British television.

Read more about Matt at Board Game Geek and Cryptozoic.

How about Erik Scott de Bie?

Erik Scott de Bie is a 30-something speculative fiction author and game designer.

He has published eight novels to date, including novels in the storied Forgotten Realms, his World of Ruin epic fantasy setting (Shadow of the Winter King [2014] and the forthcoming Shield of the Summer Prince [2016]), as well as stand-alone novels for Broken Eye Books (Scourge of the Realm) and the Ed Greenwood Group (Blind Justice).

His short work has appeared in numerous anthologies and online, and he is the author of the multimedia superhero project, Justice/Vengeance (including fiction, spoken word, and comics).

In his work as a game designer, he has contributed to products from such companies as Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press, and he is a lead creative consultant on Red Aegis from Vorpal Games.

He lives in Seattle with his wife, cats, and dog. 

Find out more at his website.

That’s great, but who are The PDX Broadsides?

The PDX Broadsides have been playing music together since 2011. Accidentally formed as an a capella pirate shanty group, they soon branched out into their own original compositions. The Broadsides love things, and as a result many of their songs are about the things they love. Turns out those things are basically nerdy. They have been fortunate enough to be able to operate on only the money they make as a band, which is a pretty amazing concept.

The PDX Broadsides have played all around the West Coast at venues large and small. They’ve done conventions including OryCon (as musical guest of honor), GeekGirlCon, Rose City Comic Con, and GameStorm, or you may have seen them play in shows with The Doubleclicks, Marian Call, or Chamber Band.

According to Pandora, if you like the PDX Broadsides because of their “comedic sensibility, folk roots, acoustic sonority, and paired vocal harmony”, you probably also like Jonathan Coulton, Ingrid Michaelson, Magnetic Zeroes, Karen Kilgariff, The Finches, Paul and Storm, and Barenaked Ladies. Who’s going to argue with that?

Read more about these great folks on their website.