Update, the Hotel Block is Full!

If you do not have a room at the Hotel, there are a couple of other hotels nearby that you might be able to find space in. However, this is the same weekend as the Portland Swap Meet and hotel space is at a premium.
If you do have a room and find yourself unable to use it, please drop us an email, we have a waiting list, your room will not go waste!
The two closest hotels are:
Hotel Parking
Parking is Free! But, please consider, if staying for the whole weekend, parking in the Overflow Parking, and leaving the closer parking for those who are coming in just for the day. The hotel has a shuttle and will be happy to take you to the hotel, and back to your car when the weekend is done (take advantage of the option to leave your bags with the concierge as you check in/out).
The Hotel Shuttle: 503-283-4466
Taking Mass Transit?
There is a stop just the other side of the parking lot for those taking the bus.
If you take the MAX, get off at the Expo Center and call for the Hotel Shuttle: 503-283-4466.

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