PDF versions of GameStorm Program Books are available here.

GameStorm 18 Program Book - May we present GameStorm 18’s program book, in all its PDF glory!
GameStorm 17 Program Book (March 2015) - GameStorm 17 is just a couple days away (or may be happening right now if this is Thursday!) and here is a PDF of its Program Book.
GameStorm 16 Program Book (March 2014) - GameStorm 16 took place March 20, 2014.  Guests of honor included Mike Selinker, Zev Shlasinger, David Coronado, Michelle McNeill, Matt Branstad, and Shane Hensley and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There were also a number of special guests including a performance by The Doubleclicks.
GameStorm 14 Program Book (March 2012) - GameStorm 14 took place on March 22, 2012.  The guest of honor was Andrew Hackard and Samuel Mitschke of Steve Jackson Games.  We also had Jason Bulmahn from Paizo Publications as a special guest. We also had The Doubleclicks as musical guests.  2012 also marked the first year had a dedicated children’s programming track.
GameStorm 13 Program Book (March 2011) - GameStorm 13 took place on March 24, 2011.  The guest of honor was Lisa Steenson of Gut Bustin’ Games.  We were also honored to have award wining game designer Mike Stackpole as a special guest.  2011 also marked the first year we started offering free WiFi to our guests.