Designers:  our Submission Deadline was March 5.    Please feel free to join us starting Thursday afternoon, since we may have sign-ups for any open play test slots available on a daily basis. And we always accept friendly volunteer help.

Game Lab returns to GameStorm once again to offer a program track for game designers, publishers, artists, makers, and people who enjoy playtesting brand new, unpublished games.

If you’re thinking about designing your first game, or just want to learn more about how games get from idea to the store shelf, feel free to stop by and check out any of these events. We have workshops, forums with industry professionals, problem solving sessions, and many opportunities for game designers to playtest new games and get valuable feedback.

Industry guests will be participating in Game Lab playtesting games, showing their own games, running podcasts, consulting with new designers, and speaking in our workshops.

PLAYERS:  If you’re interested in seeing new games and maybe playtesting one or more, stop on by! If you play just one game, you have an opportunity to help out a new designer and get a chance to win a free game.  If you play more than one, you have a better chance to win fabulous prizes.

If you have any other questions contact the Game Lab coordinator.

Inquiries will be answered in the order they are received.  Please understand that as the convention draws near, our entirely volunteer crew will be focusing on preparation to ensure smooth day to day operations at the event.  Communications, including email, will be dealt with as a secondary priority.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the convention!