Pre-Registration has NOT closed

The time for buying advance memberships has ended, so we can get all the badges printed and sorted. However, you can still buy a membership at the convention. Details on pricing here.

Thanks everyone!

I seem to have misunderstood some instructions. Sorry everyone! I’ve reopened registration and won’t close it again until tomorrow morning. Hopefully that gives everyone a last chance to get in the door, as it were.

Buying Memberships at the Convention

misc-gameshow-ticketSo you’ve heard about this GameStorm thing, but see that memberships are listed as Sold Out online. Fear not! They’re listed this way solely because our pre-registration period is over, you can still come buy a membership at the convention and have a great time. Click this line to check out the prices at the door.

Almost there!

Calendar-icon-150x150GameStorm 18 is less that 2 months away! A lot is happening, and several important dates are approaching:

– Event submissions will close at 11:59 on Sunday, February 7th. If you want to Run a Game you’ll want to get it into the system soon!

– Player signups will open at noon on Saturday, February 13th. You must have a membership and a login account in order to sign up for events.

– Pre-registration will close on February 29th.

50% Off GameStorm Memberships – Now through Sept 4th!

We here at GameStorm are flattered by the amount of support we have received i the last 48 hours. Games can be played anywhere: in your living room, at a bar, between classes at school, or even [gasp] at another convention.  However, it’s the people that add the flavor to any gathering.  We who produce the convention, treasure the sense of community that has evolved over the years at GameStorm.  As a token of our appreciation for our fan base, we have extended the Extreme Early Bird Sale through September 4th!

Spread the word!  Maybe you know someone who has been holding out, trying to decide whether or not they should go, and just needs that little extra nudge.  Now is the time to tell them about the people you’ve met, the experiences you’ve had, and the games you’ve played at GameStorm!

4-Day Memberships are available for only $30 through September 4th!

If you have any questions relating to membership, please contact registration.

GameStorm 16 Game Signup and Registration

GameStorm is next week! We hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

  • Event listings available here
  • Limited signups for some events Early signups are closed
  • Hotel very close to full
  • Registration info and reminders

Event Listings are Available on the Website

The convention schedule is now available on the events page.  You’ll also find a map of the convention space there too.  Check it out to see what’s in store!

Limited Signups for Some Events

Early signups are closed. There will be signup sheets for all scheduled events at the convention.

Hotel Very Close to Full

Our room block at the Hilton is full, but they still have some rooms available.  Go to the Book Room page for more details.

Registration info and reminders

Registration will open at noon on Thursday. Registration hours for the weekend are:

Thursday    Noon – 10 PM
Friday        8AM – 10 PM
Saturday    8AM – 6 PM
Sunday        8AM – Noon

Pre-registration sales for GameStorm 17 will open at 12:30 PM on Sunday and ends at 6:00 PM.

Pre-registered members can pick up their badges at the tables to the right as you enter the function space from Columbia Ave. Please remember that you will need a government-issued photo ID matching the name on your badge to pick it up.

If you are bringing a minor child, you will be required to present a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Be sure to check out the child policy on the policy page for details and to download waivers. Filling them out in advance will save time at registration!